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Berunda was established in 2019 as a fashion brand. In fact, it is more of a lifestyle brand; it is all about living & breathing in paradise. In fact, Berunda purely manufacturing in Sri Lanka. The year 2019 was a challenging year for the country following the terrorist attack on the 21st of April. It highly impacted the country’s economy and tourism. The nation united together to rise again and our youth led the way. Creativity & maintaining high quality is our best weapon which we inherited from our great ancestors. As a result, the ‘Berunda’ was born to rise and spread its wings. We talk about our culture, living, nature & heritage. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the country and the world in an authentic way. We value sustainability: zero plastic, recyclable materials, and minimum wastage are our main concerns. We are motivated to fund and work in various instances where we could help make the world to be a better place. Berunda isn’t a label, it’s a community. Be a part of it.

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